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An inexpensive trellis

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Here’s something we meant to do in April but didn’t get around to until this week.  We’ve been trying to come up with a relatively inexpensive trellis system for our garden.  Part of the impetus was the grape plant that I received as a birthday present — after looking like it was going to die it suddenly shot up to almost 4 feet tall in just a couple weeks.  So here’s our trellis (click pictures to enlarge):

Adam pounded it into the ground about 6 inches.

It’s framed with 2 inch x 2 inch x 8 feet pieces of cedar and some welded wire fencing (like this), stapled to the frame.  The fencing cost $50, but it’s a 50 foot roll and we only used about 6.5 feet of it.  The cedar posts were $6 each.  So the cost of this trellis was around $30.  We picked up enough materials to make 3 or 4 of them.

Since the trellis is only sunk into the ground about 6 inches, it’s made sturdier by attaching it to the house with 6-inch heavy-duty decking screws, covered by a tiny piece of copper tube for aesthetics.

A final detail shot.  I plan to add one or two more of these late this fall or early next spring.

One thought on “An inexpensive trellis

  1. love it! >> it looks great – if we had a good place for these, i’d totally do it. someday…

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