Stacking Functions Garden



Parsnip harvest time today, and a beautiful 60 degree day it was, with sunshine.


You can’t pull parsnips out like you do with carrots; they are so big that the top would break off before you could pull the whole thing out.  Instead you must loosen the soil around the parsnip with a fork, then pull it out.


I ended up pulling a whole row.


I’m disappointed.  They are significantly smaller this year than they were last year.  Last year we had at least 6 meals out of our two rows, and this year it will probably only be two.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  I planted them in a different location in the garden, and I’m wondering if this location gets a tiny bit less sunlight than where I had them last year.  It’s also possible that they suffered (like all garden plants) from our very strange cool and dry summer.  Not sure.  Here they are all cleaned up:


Three of them were nice, about the size I expected.  The rest were more like large radishes in size, with lots of strings and “legs.”  Anyone have any ideas how this might have happened?  I’m at a loss.

We cooked them up and made mashed parsnips.  Really delicious.

2 thoughts on “Parsnips

  1. The short stubby ones remind me of the carrots we’ve had when our soil was too rocky. Did your new location have more rocks? I have never grown parsnips before.

    • Heather, I think you might be on to something. The west side of our garden is significantly rockier than the east side, the result of having recently been covered with landscape rock. Could this be my answer? Next year I’ll put the parsnips on the far east side and see what happens.

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