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CSA Week 17

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1 head romaine lettuce
1 pie pumpkin
5 apples
1 “sugar baby” watermelon
2 tomatoes
3 heads broccoli
2 squash – “heart of gold”
A nice handful of parsnips
3 onions
4 really cute little gold turnips
2 kohlrabis (one purple, one green)

Well, this is almost it.  The second-to-the-last week of CSA.  I absolutely loved getting a box of fresh produce every week for the last 17 weeks.  And I think we actually got a really good deal — if we had purchased all of this from the store I feel certain it would have added up to more than what we paid for our half-share.  What’s more, we’ve eaten way more fresh vegetables this summer than I ever thought possible, and what a treat they all were.  Having the CSA also enabled us to do more preserving of the stuff we grew in our garden, so now we have food laid out for the winter as well.

Standard CSA info:

What is a CSA?
Where do we get our CSA from? Food 4 Thought.
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One thought on “CSA Week 17

  1. Stumbled across your blog looking for more CSA subscribers and bloggers, and had to let you know I’m adding you to my Google reader! I’m a CSA newbie always eager for new ideas for what to do with all our veggies, especially since my husband signed our two-person household up for a family sized share!

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