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Mini garden update

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butterflyvisitorLook at this neat visitor that we had in our garden yesterday!  We think it was most likely a “Tiger Swallowtail,” according to our insect book.


That is not a lemon!  It’s a cucumber.  I planted an heirloom variety this year called Boothby Blonde cucumers, that get kinda fat and yellow.  They are absolutely delicious.  The flavor is very delicate and sublime.  They definitely don’t taste like a supermarket cucumber (which to me, tastes like water with skin).

giantzukesFinally, a goof.  I neglected to check on my zucchini plants for at least 4 days, and look what happened.  GIANTIFIC zucchinis.  Not even sure if these are edible anymore.  I put them in the fridge, and Adam is talking about making a zucchini lasagna where he’ll use slices of these (sliced the long way) instead of lasagna noodles.

One thought on “Mini garden update

  1. Last year, I had zucchinis that wound up being 2+ feet long!!!! My problem was that I couldn’t spot them in there until they were too big! You can definitely use them, but will probably have to cut out the seeds because they get rather large and tough when they’re that big. But the zucchini flesh itself was fine on mine. I made an awful lot of excellent zucchini bread!

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