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Cabbage worm

Uh-oh.  I’ve heard about these, and this morning I found two of them on one of my baby cabbage plants:

I was pretty sure it was a cabbage worm, and a quick diagnosis through the U of M “What insect is this?” tool confirmed my guess.  The Extension service has a great info sheet on cabbage worms.  I carefully checked each of my cabbage plants and this was the only one with worms on it.  Nevertheless, I did a little searching about some organic controls for these things, and it seems a garlic spray is fairly effective.

It’s sorta rainy so I didn’t spray any on tonight.  I think I will in the morning.  If I can’t find any more of the little critters, does this mean it was isolated to one plant?  Could they be hiding somewhere else?  I’m going to keep very close eye on my cabbages over the next few days.

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Two things

1. FRESH: Another movie, similar to Food, Inc. but a bit more optimistic.  I’m such a sap that I got tears in my eyes watching the trailer.  There’s going to be a screening in Minneapolis June 2.

2. I was listening to The Splendid Table again and Lynn R-C talked to a guy from the Environmental Working Group, who talked about pesticides on produce.  The interesting thing that he noted was that these tests are performed after produce has been washed (and cooked, where applicable).  Here’s the full list.