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Grass-fed beef

Wow, the mainstream media is talking about grass-fed beef!

One of the things the article fails to mention is precisely why it might be better if we have to pay a little more for beef: it’s a natural way to help us not over-consume it.  Eating less beef would be super easy, if beef was expensive.  Right now conventionally-raised meat is cheaper, especially if you think about it in terms of cost-per-calorie, than vegetables and legumes.  But we’re paying a hidden cost, as with so many other things in our modern American culture.  Anyway, if TIME magazine is talking about it, maybe grass-fed beef will start to get more mainstream.

Here in Minnesota, there are several sources for grass-fed beef near the Twin Cities, including:
Grass-Run Farm (they are actually in Decorah, IA)
Thousand Hills Cattle Company (Cannon Falls)
Cedar Summit Farm (New Prague) — they also have milk from grass-fed cows

I’ve had beef from all three of these places.  I found Grass-Run farm to be the cheapest, but they were all good.  I’m sure there are many other sources, too.  Minnesota is really a leader in the local foods movement.