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2013 garden: planted!

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We placed an arch between the two tanks for a new flower tunnel!

Saturday was cold and windy, but we got things started by making an archway between Rowan and Anneke’s tank gardens. Later on we planted a cup and saucer vine, which will cover this arch and make a tunnel of flowers by mid-summer.

Rabbit-proofing the vegetable garden, from New Home EconomicsSunday morning was cool and beautiful, so we got started early. Rabbits were getting in through gaps in our (formerly) rabbit-proof fence. We wired chicken wire over the whole thing to beef up security.

Laying out soaker hoses, via New Home Economics

Next we laid out the soaker hoses. I hate this part. It’s always a puzzle to figure out the best possible layout, re-arranging a couple times before we figure out what will work best. But I like to do it before we plant so that we’re not running over little plants with the hoses.

Garden: planted! Via New Home Economics

Later in the day, garden planted and lightly mulched with straw. Here we go! It did get a little cool for the tomatoes on Sunday night (40 degrees F) but they survived just fine. I think my garden’s microclimate is a bit warmer than the official temperature for Minneapolis, since it’s between two houses.

Beginnings of a native prairie boulevard garden

Then, because I’m not satisfied to garden for a mere 6 hours on Mothers Day, in the afternoon we decided to put in our new plants (we picked them up at the Friends Sale on Friday) into the boulevard. I’m going to do a separate post about the new prairie/native/butterfly boulevard garden this coming weekend after we put the finishing touches on it. Suffice to say I’m excited. Also, tired.

Lettuce in a stock tank garden, via New Home Economics

Lettuce, greens and snow peas coming along, and the weather’s nice enough now that we removed the hoop house. Aesthetically, a big improvement. I’m going to have to whip out a small support system for those peas this weekend. I’ve gotten one small lettuce harvest already, and plan a second for tomorrow.

Plants for Master Gardener event

As if I weren’t busy enough, this Saturday I’m teaching vegetable gardening (as a Hennepin County Master Gardener) to a bunch of people who’ve never gardened (here) before and speak a different language than me! (We have a translator, thank goodness.) We’re giving them each a box of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and a few other goodies to get them started. That is, if I can keep all those plants alive for the rest of the week. But hey, they survived a hot 96 (F) degree wind today, so they must be pretty hardy.

What a weird spring. We’re not really having a spring; pretty much went from winter to summer overnight. Oh, Minnesota, I love you. This climate shapes us, shapes our character as people, whether we acknowledge it or not. (Most of us do, actually. See Keillor, Garrison.) Truly, it makes us better people. (See how I’m trying to convince myself?) Also, what year isn’t weird in some way?

OK, off to bed. May is a busy month!

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  1. Your enthusiasm is infectious! I’ve had a slow start to this year, finding it harder to get out for whatever reason, and have been gardening in shorter bursts. I think I’m hitting my stride now, but it’s really encouraging seeing a post like this one. Your garden is looking wonderful. I’m intrigued by your roadside planting, can’t wait to hear more about it.

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