Stacking Functions Garden

August so far


fishing off the dock

We finished off July with a weekend “up north,” where the kids caught some impressive sunnies right off the dock. They are such good little Minnesotans.

Not bad, eh?

When we got back from the lake, our cucumbers had gotten out of control. I shredded up the biggest ones for some relish. It’s still fermenting, but as soon as it’s done I’ll post a recipe.

The few apples that our tree produced are starting to ripen. Squirrels are taking most of them; I doubt we’ll get more than a few.

I canned 20 lbs of raw tomatoes with Tattler lids. Yay for BPA-free canned tomatoes! Gardens of Eagan has 20 pound boxes of canning tomatoes for $16—naturally I bought two. My garden’s not quite big enough for canning quantities.

The next day, Adam and I were too tired to do it all over again, so the kids helped with the second box of tomatoes. They were great at peeling and de-seeding.

Why roast a mere 5 lbs of tomatoes when you can roast 20 lbs?

The most beautiful caprese salad I’ve ever put together. Not that it’s super hard. But I had doubts as to whether my neighbors deserved a salad of this caliber for National Night Out.

Herbs from a neglected community garden. If I take on any more charity projects my own garden is going to be swallowed up in weeds and giant cucumbers. Also: I now have enough sage for ten Thanksgivings.

Coming this weekend: finally, putting in the last plants so that I can call my back yard landscape project complete! (More details to come.)

2 thoughts on “August so far

  1. Jennifer, I have been following your blog for over a year and I just wanted to say what an amazing job you and your family are doing. I am a Home Economics researcher and your photos, recipes and projects have been inspirational. You are a guiding light for individuals, families and communities. Such simple ideas and such a happy family. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Jay Deagon

  2. That’s got to be the most beautiful caprese salad I’ve ever seen. Love your blog and your garden pictures. I just posted my cucumber salad recipe on my blog. Our garden was overflowing with cukes after being gone for a week at our northern MN cabin.

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