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Time to replace the thyme


If you’re not growing thyme, well, you’re really missing out. It’s a perennial even here in the northland. It tastes great in nearly everything, and is featured in many different regional cuisines. It has health benefits. There was even a restaurant in southwest Minneapolis for a few years called “Never Enough Thyme” — and it’s true.

I’ve written about home-grown thyme’s superiority to store-bought, and also showed you how we dry it. It’s true that thyme is a perennial, but it’s a short-lived one. Our main thyme plant was at least 3 years old this spring, and starting to look a bit ratty:

See all those woody stems with no leaves?  This thyme was past its prime. Fortunately new thyme plants are very inexpensive. I took this one out, and the leaves are drying right now in my super sophisticated herb drying system. Three new baby thymes are in its place:

Oregano to the lower right, sorrel in protective cage to the upper right, super invasive lemon drops to the left — I cannot eradicate those things!  This is a part-sun location fairly close to our large elm tree in front of our house.  I like growing lettuce and herbs in part-sun situations because they take longer to flower than in full sun.

There’s our thyme supply until about 2015 or 2016!

3 thoughts on “Time to replace the thyme

  1. HA! Look who has already found this blog! Great minds think alike Mr Soulsby Farm ;). Love your site…just found it while trawling the net on a most rain sodden day and am going to cherrish every morsel that you produce. Thanks for some wonderful posts and I will spend the winter reading your back catalogue of posts along with my early morning quiet cup of tea. Cheers from a small Tasmanian outcrop in the sticks in upper cumbucance Australia for allowing me not to go completely stir crazy 🙂

  2. Thyme is my favorite herb, totally under-appreciated in this basil-rosemary-cilantro world. Good going & happy gardening~ Brett

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