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Garden update



Sugar snap peas! Coming right along. Hopefully we’ll be eating them in May.

Three rows of garlic, and hops climbing up the trellis. I am a little frightened at how huge this hops plant is already, only one year after I originally planted it.

French sorrel. As soon as it started poking through the leaf mulch a few weeks ago, I put this rabbit-resistant (note: not rabbit-proof) cage around it. Since then I’ve been begging Adam for sorrel soup. He said, “When the basket is full, I will make soup.” I think this is my week! I’ll even post a recipe for you.

lettuce in mini hoop house

Look how great my lettuce is doing in the mini hoop house / stock tank garden!

First lettuce harvest of 2012 was Wednesday, April 11.  A personal record early harvest. I harvested my first kale and chard today for a quiche.

before picture of back yard

And finally, an uninspiring picture of our back yard. This was from a series of pictures I took last week to begin documenting our back yard landscape transformation project that has just begun.  The sidewalk on the lower left has already been removed.  Thanks to craigslist, we were able to recycle all the old concrete and didn’t have to pay for a dumpster. Excellent.

Also, behind the grill there is a new garden shed that is *still* not completely done even though it was started almost a year ago. But as soon as it is, I have a full post of documentation about how Adam designed and built it.  Patience!  (For me as well!)

4 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. So exciting. Spring is fabulous!

  2. I love your blog…I am interested in the same type of things -thank you for sharing.

  3. Just discovered your blog through My Sister’s Pantry. I love your mini hoop house; have you posted about that?

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