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Today I planted out the seeds I had started on February 22, with the exception of the spinach which never sprouted. These seedlings are still pretty young, but unfortunately they’re a bit leggy — my seed-starting system really is not made to support the numbers I have been attempting with it.

The plants in their flat. From now on I will only allow one row of flats in there instead of two, unless I change my lighting system. (I have the Jump Start system and it shows two very happy rows of plants in every picture.  Humph.)

greens in stock tank

Greens planted out in the stock tank! I sowed mini rows of seeds all around the plants, to fill in after we harvest these.  I am really going to try for sowing new seeds every 4-6 weeks all season, for a more continuous and varied harvest. This tank contains (L to R) ‘Winter Density’ lettuce (a head lettuce), leeks scattered around, swiss chard, red russian kale (which may not survive; it is very leggy), lacinato kale, and mesclun lettuce.

There was a hot wind today so I was glad for the cover to give them a bit of shelter from it.  Even though it got up into the 80s today the forecast is for highs in the 60s the rest of this week. Even 60 is about 20 degrees above normal for Minnesota in March.

This weather troubles me.  All the plants in my yard are waking up, and quickly. If apple trees blossom out before mid-May (and at this rate, they most certainly will), there’s a good chance of the blossoms being zapped by a late April or early May frost (a very common occurrence — our average last frost date is May 15).  Minnesota’s apple harvest could be compromised.  I’m hearing reports of below-average maple syrup harvest. Maple sugaring time is right now, and in order for the sap to really flow you need cool daytime temps in the 40s-50s and night times below freezing.

Anyway, everything I planted out today can withstand light freezing temps, so no worries about those little greens.  Even if the weather gets down into the 20s they should theoretically be OK with their hoop house cover.  Only time will tell!

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