Stacking Functions Garden

Before and after

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Oh early June. It was a time of great hope. Few if any vegetable-eating insects. Barely a day over 70 degrees. Full of excitement, I leaned out my upstairs window and took some pictures of the garden. They turned out so neat, I said to myself: “I’m going to do this every week all summer!”

Two and a half months later I remembered and took some more. So you’re just going to have to imagine everything in between:

view of garden from above

June 5, 2011: cabbages, garlic, and some new beets and celeriac on the right. Beans just sprouted under the trellises.

garden from above

August 14, 2011: cabbages and garlic long gone, beans reaching for the sky

another view of the garden from above

June 5, 2011: looking towards the back yard. Beets, celeriac, more garlic and some tiny pepper plants. Cucumbers barely sprouted.

Garden from above

August 14, 2011: beans and cucumbers reaching the second story, some prairie flowers we can't kill, and... another project.

Wait, what’s that in the back yard? Adam and the kids have been working on it all summer: a new garden shed! I plan to do a full post about it, when it’s finished. Since we’re patiently seeking out secondhand cedar siding, it might be another month or two.


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