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Garlic and squirrel war


Here’s the garlic, all cleaned up and tied into a nice, neat (huge) bunch:

Thank goodness the garlic turned out, because everything else has been rather uninspiring. Here’s yesterday’s harvest:

Those turnips were rather small and woody. I did not thin them out enough. Turnips: easy to grow but need a lot of room. Then there’s this:

My biggest, most beautiful “Big Rainbow” heirloom tomato, only days from being picked: attacked by squirrels. This is war. Adam was looking at wrist rockets and blow guns online today. How do you combat squirrels?

3 thoughts on “Garlic and squirrel war

  1. Capsicum. When squirrels chewed through the screens and got into my apartment, it was the only thing not involving the urine of other animals that was recommended as a deterrent.

  2. Not sure if you could get away with this with your neighbors, but I’d be tempted to break out the 12 gauge shotgun.

    PS – I refer to them as “tree rats”

  3. Squirrels are EVIL! We lost nearly all of our tomatoes and a good portion of our sweet and hot peppers to the little buggers… I wish capsicum worked in our area – our squirrels seem to actually like hot/spicy stuff! We’re resorting to caging everything next year… hope you don’t have to go that far too!

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