Stacking Functions Garden

High season


IT’S HERE!  Raspberry Season 2011!

Oh those first few pickings are always the best — huge berries, plumped up even bigger by a nice rainfall this morning. We’ve now arrived at the time of the year where if you go into the garden, you  might as well bring a basket along. Here’s a picking from earlier this week:

Some small turnips, tiny beets, and three stupice tomatoes, which Anneke immediately ate after I snapped this. See the impatient smile on her face? That girl LOVES baby tomatoes.  We cooked and ate the turnip and beet greens, too.  There was also this:

After picking off MANY slugs, we turned this into cole slaw, which even the kids ate enthusiastically.  Now considering renaming this blog “cute kids with garden produce.”

2 thoughts on “High season

  1. I love how much your kids love fruits and veggies!

  2. Lovely blog! Found you while researching my own post about pasturization. I’ve read many of the books listed here and look forward to reading more. Thanks!

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