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Garden update


My garden is planted for 2011!  AND I got it done just in time for a lengthy gentle rainshower.  Talk about timing.

Shall we look at each area individually?  Yes we shall.

At the top, under the trellis, we have a tiny Golden Hops plant. Then we have 4 tomato plants and 4 sets of 2 basil plants spread out through the rest of the area.  For each set of basil there is one giant one and one tiny one.  I can spread out the harvest a bit that way.  Tomato varieties: Big Rainbow, Stupice, Green Zebra, and Blondkopfchen. Garlic lines the left side.

Garlic also lines either side of this area.  Down the middle, top to bottom: 1 sage, 1 tiny cabbage, 4 chamomile, 1 large cabbage, and a rosemary.  I planted carrot and kale seeds on either side.  Underneath the trellis on the right is Christmas Lima beans, and the one on the left is Cherokee Trail of Tears green beans.

Top to bottom: celeriac, rosemary, celeriac, parsley, celeriac, rosemary, celeriac, parsley, celeriac.  I planted beet and turnip seeds on either side.  I really like how the garlic frames these little garden plots.

Finally, we have 4 eggplants and a variety of pepper plants including sweet and hot banana peppers, jalapenos, poblanos, 1 bell pepper, and idontrememberwhatelse.  The trellis at the very back will have cucumbers.  The left side of the chain link fence by the deck will be 1 hill of squash and 1 hill of pie pumpkins.  I saved the seeds for both of those from a squash and a pumpkin that I picked up at the co-op last fall, so it will be interesting to see what happens there.

It’s all planted, yahoo!  I really stuck to my plan this year, too.

Here’s a first look at my master plan for the back yard:

Stock tanks!  The one on the right is from my Grandpa Rensenbrink’s dairy farm!  Cool huh?  I am eventually going to add one more of these, then surround all three with wood chip paths and pockets of tall perennial prairie grasses, sunflowers, and hollyhocks.  We planted lavender, radishes, and lettuce in Rowan’s garden and lavender, rainbow chard, and lettuce in Anneke’s garden.

If everything goes as I hope, this is going to be our biggest and most interesting harvest yet.

4 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. looks incredible! i did some planting this weekend, but was worried that it might still be a bit chilly for the tomatoes and peppers and whatnot (still hardening off my seedlings). hope to get most stuff in this weekend. i really love how you arranged everything- i always just have distinct sections of each different plant.

  2. Loving your garden. What’s under the jugs?

    • Two of the smaller tomato plants are under them. I would have put jugs on all four of the tomatoes but the other two plants were too big!

  3. Super great! We planted quite a bit this weekend too!

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