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Overwintering parsnips

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Look what I found in my garden! Our first freeze of the fall was quite late (around Halloween), so my window for harvesting parsnips after the freeze and before significant snow fell (early December) was actually rather short.  There were a couple left that I never got around to harvesting.

They chilled out under several feet of snow all winter, but their foliage looked bright green and healthy when the snow was finally gone.

They’re just as knobbly and misshapen as the ones I picked last fall, but they tasted great mashed.  So how do you overwinter parsnips?  Simple: just forget about them, leave them in the ground, and then pull them out in the spring.  If you don’t have any snow I suppose you might pile some leaves on top.

I made a dramatic announcement to the family that these would be our last parsnips for over a year, since we’re not growing them this year.  The family pointed out I could theoretically buy some at the co-op.  They would probably look nicer, too.

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