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Garden plan 2011 – detailed

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A few weeks ago I shared a generic plan for my garden, but here’s my very detailed one.  Click to enlarge:

Why do this?  Simple: so I’ll know how many plants to start from seed and how many to plan on buying.  It also ensures that I’m creating solid companion planting schemes; I consulted my Companion Planting book while coming up with this plan.

I’m growing quite a variety of veggies and herbs this year, huh?!  Hopefully I am not being too optimistic about how many plants I can crowd into the garden. I will post an updated version of this diagram after we plant, so we can compare my current snow-covered veggie lust with the cold reality of planting day.  In May.  Will spring ever get here?

One thought on “Garden plan 2011 – detailed

  1. Wow, what a great plan! One idea that we have done before is to use our chain link fence as our trellis for cucumbers/beans/melons/squash. Since it is already there, makes it easy to do. Maybe you did this in a past year and are rotating. But if not, you can usually pick from either side if your fence is normal size, or you can encourage the fruits to come on the side you want.

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