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Recipe: Eczema cream


My little guy gets eczema every winter on his cheeks, and I’ve not had a lot of success with various creams from stores, even from the co-op.  Here’s one we’ve been using all winter that actually works, and it’s homemade from stuff I had on hand anyway.  Nice!  I made up the recipe myself, but it was based on information I’ve read in Nourishing Traditions and Herbal Medicine.

Homemade eczema cream
3-4 T. virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil
1 T. olive oil
20 drops lavender essential oil

1. Melt everything together on the stove over very low heat — takes about 5 minutes.  This is the easiest way to incorporate the olive oil with the rock-hard coconut oil.

2. Chill it out in the refrigerator until set.

That’s it!  I added the olive oil to make it a little softer and easier to apply.  If you keep your house very warm in the winter, you might find that it’s too runny with the olive oil in it, so adjust the recipe accordingly.

Update, 2/14/2011: Clarification: I am not claiming that this cream cures eczema, only that it relieves symptoms better than any other I’ve tried.  We still have to apply 1-2 times a day to my son’s cheeks to keep them clear.

18 thoughts on “Recipe: Eczema cream

  1. Thanks for this. Wanted to ask: when you say this works, do you mean it helps clear the eczema, or it relieves symptoms?

    • I would say that it relieves symptoms. If we don’t keep reapplying every day, it comes back. So it’s not cured. But it works better than other lotions we’ve tried.

      • Thanks. I ask b/c my brother has suffered with full-body eczema his entire life, so we’re always on the lookout for new ideas. He took himself off corticosteroids some years ago, but it still waxes and wanes depending on weather, stress etc.

  2. Hi,
    Does it matter what kind of olive oil you use? Do you need extra-virgin or regular?

  3. Nav-Eczema is a result of your body releasing histamine from an allergic reaction to something oten times that is eaten. If you are looking to cure it you should look for the cause. Otherwise treating the symptoms is the best soultion. My son has a fructose sensitivity and by allowing him to eat fruit we have decided that treating his symptoms is our plan of attack.

    Thanks for the recipe Jennifer! I lookforward to trying this ASAP. 🙂

  4. I made some cream with coconut oil by whipping it with my hand mixer for about 10 minutes. It doesn’t solidify like regular coconut oil. I added a little bit of vitamin E oil. Next time I will use Lavender Oil also, sounds like it would smell heavenly.

  5. why lavender essential oil- don’t scents aggravate eczema?

  6. Have you tried renew lotion?

    • I haven’t. I have to say though, in the couple of years since I wrote this post, his eczema seems to have gotten much better in general. I haven’t yet had to make a batch of this cream this winter.

  7. If u want to try a long term teatment try useing Jonson’s original baby lotion. Mix this with organic coconut oil apply on effected area let it sit for an hour or all day my self an all four of my boys have been useing this we do about six treatments a year an it helps them

    • Johnsons has fragrance and alcohol in it, it can exacerbate eczema symptoms

    • Johnsons baby products are still full of chemicals, so if you are looking for a chemical free home made lotion ,involving EOs, beat to make it yourself with coconut oil, olive oil, pure shea butter, 100% natural cocoa butter and honey as your bases and then EO drops per your child’s age or yourself (dilution rate can be looked up online) and if using EOs make sure to put finished product in glass jars with tin lids (i.e. mason jars) never use plastic unless stated the plastic is made of 1pet or 2 pet, also you can look online which plastic is better for EOs, but glass is best because it doesn’t breakdown (ever) tin is good and stainless steel. 🙂

  8. I have used this and its great but I don’t use lavender oil .

  9. Can this be use on face?i got rashes/eczema on my cheek and leg 😦

    • Kristeen, it can be used on your face, but you’ll look a bit greasy. I would only put it on my face at night before bed.

  10. If you take your coconut oil and whip it with a mixer until it is creamy it will never be hard again.

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