Stacking Functions Garden

Plans vs. Reality


Well over a year ago, I came up with a genius plan to rip out our two front hallway closets and part of a wall in order to custom-build some beautiful built-in cubbies with a nice bench and room for boots underneath,like this.   I realized recently that we are a few years from having the time or money to take on a project of that magnitude, so I compromised.  Here’s what we came up with to better-organize the area by our back door, which is the one we use most of the time.

Before: a rickety old laundry-drying rack holds lots of wet snowpants and jackets.  Also note the pile of shoes and boots and lack of rugs.

After: Adam stained up a couple of oak boards that were lying around in the garage and attached hooks.  I looked around for a week or two on Craigslist trying to find a bench that would work, but it just wasn’t happening so I went to Ikea.  This bench (from the bathroom department) is absolutely perfect for our needs.  This corner isn’t quite the beautiful, built-in oak system I dreamed of, but it will definitely get us by until we have a little more time/money for such projects.

Added bonus: the kids love hanging up their coats and snowpants on their very own hooks.  Also: I purposely picked small, cheap rugs because our dog absolutely LOVES to throw up on rugs.  These can easily be thrown in the wash.

2 thoughts on “Plans vs. Reality

  1. looks great!! we hang up our jackets on hooks on the wall and one thing I guess I didn’t realize until later is if you have flat paint on the walls the oils from your skin that get on the jackets will transfer to stains on the walls. Kind of unsightly, but at this point I’m not interested in painting.

    Love the way the built-ins look in your ‘dream’ area for the future!

  2. Nice! It looks really tidy.

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