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First ripe tomato of the year.  Too bad I didn’t notice the blossom end rot until I picked it.  I checked the plants carefully and removed every affected tomato, and am now watering the potted tomatoes every day so hopefully that will be the end of it.

I put these small, basic cages around the blueberry bushes.  It won’t completely keep the rabbits out, but hopefully will discourage them.

Our garlic finished curing in the garage, so Adam cleaned it up a bit further, trimming up the tops and roots a bit and brushing the dried dirt off.  Then he hung them with string in the kitchen.  Here in USDA zone 4, we have to grow hardneck garlic, so it’s not possible to create the attractive garlic braids that you often see from softneck garlic.

We have a LOT of flat-leaf parsley right now so I tried the freezer method: loosely pack fresh herbs into an ice cube tray, cover with water and freeze.  Should be really easy to throw one of these cubes in a pot of soup this winter.

Other garden happenings:
– raspberries have another week or two to go yet, but have slowed down considerably
– lots of cucumbers and banana peppers — we are pickling just about every night
– green beans are also probably more than half done
– cabbages are starting to form heads!
– cilantro, curly parsley and dill are totally seeded out
– drying some chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves to attempt making my own “sleepytime” tea
– alpine strawberries are in continuous bloom; I expect to get several handfuls yet this year

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