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Growing lots of potatoes in a small space


Well, isn’t this a clever idea?!  Fill a wire frame with layers of dirt, straw, and seed potatoes, water thoroughly, and a “potato medusa” is born.  Come harvest time, simply tip it over and dig them out.  This blogger says you can grow upwards of 25 lbs of tomatoes in one of these clever towers.

Just found this blog today, from an urban farming pioneer right here in Minneapolis.  He’s starting a CSA program on his urban farm, and the whole project looks very promising.  I am definitely trying a potato tower next year.  Here are the instructions.

Update, June 14 2011: the tower experiment has officially begun!

2 thoughts on “Growing lots of potatoes in a small space

  1. You can also grow them in a potato bag or a barrel. I bought a potato bag this year, but didn’t get a chance to try it out. Next year will be the year of the garden!

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