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Here’s my garden now, during our Minnesota daylight bonanza.  From top to bottom: garlic, parsnips (at least half of which are dead from some unknown insect), banana peppers + herbs + 2 cauliflower, cabbages + cukes (to the right in cage), beans, peas climbing on the fence, and finally tomatoes on this side of the fence.  Nothing is perfect here, but things are definitely growing fast.  Especially those beans.  I had to thin the cabbages out a bit tonight.

I was warned about growing tomatoes in the same place twice.  Compare and contrast:

I planted these pots as an experiment, using half compost and half potting soil.  I wasn’t sure if they’d get enough light in this spot.  WOW.  They are more than twice the size of the pathetic little guys in the ground.  I might do all my tomatoes this way next year.  It is working great.

Peas on the fenceline: good idea or not?  Some of them got badly chewed up, but the ones that survived are producing peas and rabbits have lost interest now.  This could be done right, if care was taken to make sure that most of the leaves & stems stayed inside the fence until the plants reached a certain height.  Rabbits don’t seem to eat many plants over a foot tall.

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