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New bike (apparently I am a hipster now)


My purple Gitane is not doing so well, so Adam put together a fixed-gear bike from the frame of the Schwinn road bike I was riding for a good year or so:

(click to enlarge)

Yep, it’s got a pink chain!  A friend pointed out that I’ve now reached “The Williamsburg” level on the evolution of hipster-ness, so apparently the only thing I can aspire to now is becoming a meta-nerd.  I like how my new bike looks almost exactly like the one in the picture.  NOT planned.  Plus, I don’t have any tattoos so I don’t know that I’ll ever reach meta-nerd level.

I’m going to ride the fixie for a while and see how I like it — Adam used a flip-flop hub so if I change my mind I can easily go back to a standard free-wheel single speed like I’ve been riding for about a year.   Two cool things that I’ve noticed about riding fixie so far: it works more/different muscles in my legs, and more importantly, it forces me to be a little more cautious in my riding.  I guess I’ll have to quit zoning out/crying/whistling/doing anything but paying attention to the road while I’m biking…

3 thoughts on “New bike (apparently I am a hipster now)

  1. It’s certainly cute. And I see it has at least a front brake. So that’s good. Enjoy it!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of fixed gear riding! I’m so excited you’ve converted. Trust me, after you ride fixed (especially in the winter) you’ll never go back. Safe travels!

  3. Like the fixie! I also like the fact that it’s been recycled. Nice to see that you are a commuter as well. Will check out your blog some more. I like what you are doing with the children!

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