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Peat Pot tip

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If you start seedlings in peat pots, it’s a good idea to rip off the top strip of the pot before you settle them into the ground.  If any of the peat pot is above the surface of the soil after you plant, it can wick moisture from underground to the air, causing your plant extra stress from lack of water.

Sorry about the low quality of this picture… my hands were filthy and I was trying not to get my camera dirty.  I got a few things planted today; will finish up tomorrow and take pictures for a full garden updated.

One thought on “Peat Pot tip

  1. I’ve heard lately that some expert-gardener types are recommending taking the peat off entirely. Apparently they’re finding the roots have a hard time getting through the peat, and it doesn’t degrade sufficiently fast enough to suit the plant’s needs.

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