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The latest issue of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer (my favorite magazine — and it’s FREE) included an article about sustainable-minded landscaping.  Really great stuff here, and I especially liked the diagram of an easy-care yard landscaped mostly with native plants — including no-mow grasses.

I’m planning on seeding my yard this fall, and I must say the no-mow grass concept really intrigues me.  We use a reel-type mower, so we wouldn’t really be saving any energy except human energy, but still.  We kinda have,  uh, a lot to do around the yard so not having to mow sounds all right to me.

Anyway, though the article goes a bit lighter on edibles than I would in landscape planning, I think it’s a great resource, especially for someone who is new to landscaping and is not interested or able in spending a lot of time maintaining their yard.  Because, let’s face it, many edibles do require a bit of work over and above what a native plant would require.  That’s what makes landscape design so fun — you can tailor it to your specific needs/interests/desired activity level.

One thought on “Eco Yard

  1. Cool! Thanks for posting this link.

    After I get rid of whatever random plants are there, I want to plant some grasses along the side of my front yard to hide the neighbor’s fence.

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