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I’m a little embarrassed to show these pictures — my garden has A LOT of weeds.  But this is for posterity, so…

On the far right, garlic.  I expect to see the flowers (scapes) any day now.  In the middle, radishes.  Parsnips have not sprouted yet, but that’s not shocking.  They always take forever.  So far, I am really underwhelmed by how “broadcast planting” is working out for me.  All the radishes seem to be coming up in clumps.

Not much to see here, but there are tiny cabbage plants all over the place.  They will need to be thinned out.  I think the celeriac is sprouting now too.  Has anyone ever grown that?  I’m having trouble right now determining what is a weed and what is my actual plants…  At the back and left of this area are some kale and lettuce that over-wintered so I decided to save them and will use them soon.

Finally, my peas!  They came up quite nicely.  This is a big improvement over last year, so soaking them before planting must have helped.  They are all along the fence, and I will also be filling in here with bush beans.

The rest of the garden is going in this coming weekend, so there will be more pictures then.  I’m going to end this on an exciting note:

Strawberry blossoms!  In my very own yard!  Oh the excitement.

PS Adam has the news on right now and they just said something about lows in the 30s this weekend.  Guess I may have to hold off on putting my tomatoes in.  Shoot.

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