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Seed starting update

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My seed-starting experiments for 2010 began about a month ago.  Time for an update on how my indoor and outdoor seedlings are doing:

Tomatoes and peppers are doing fine.  Three of the tomatoes are getting downright large.  I’ve been taking them outside for an hour or two of sun whenever I can.  I left them out for 3 hours today, plan to leave them out for 4 hours tomorrow, and then starting Monday I hope to leave them outside all day every day when the weather is nice.

The seeds that I started outside in little mini-greenhouses have all sprouted… I think.  At least, plants are growing in each of the containers.  Some of them might be weeds though.  All are too tiny to tell for sure yet.

Today, I started some herbs in these little peat pots so that I can just fill into any open spot I find in my flower beds.  I started two each of: curly parsley, Italian parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, cilantro, and sweet basil.  I really want to grow enough thyme to last us all winter — this past year we ran out in about January.  I’m starting these outside on the deck as well, since the top of my ‘fridge is rather occupied.

And finally, some cucumbers (not sprouted yet) and some cauliflower.  I have no idea where the two wee cauliflower plants will go; a Master Gardener friend gave them to me.  But the cukes will go in their usual spot in the garden.  This year they will be surrounded by cabbages.

Nothing that I planted this week out in the garden has sprouted yet, but I’m expecting to see radishes any day now.

I also noticed that some of my perennial flowers haven’t sprung back yet, so I might have more open spots than I originally thought.  I am hoping I can squeeze a couple more edible perennials in without having to remove more turf.  I don’t have the energy to take on turf removal this year.

Which brings me to this: I have many, many extras of the following plants that I would just love to give you.  Seriously, if you live nearby, let me know if you’re interested in:

purple phlox
– yellow “sundrops
– raspberries
– 5-6 foot tall mystery sunflower-like plants

I don’t have a lot of extra pots, so if you can bring your own pot you’re welcome to any of the above.

One thought on “Seed starting update

  1. Hi Jen, I don’t know if your raspberry offer is still on the table, but if it is, I would love some!! I planted two raspberry plants last year, but I don’t know if/when we’ll really get any berries. Have a good one. Thanks!

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