Stacking Functions Garden


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My top-o’-the-fridge seed starting system is working great!  The tomatoes and beets sprouted in about 4 days, and the peppers in about 7-8.  A couple of the peppers might end up being duds, but other pots have 2 seedlings in them so I could always transfer the extras in the next week or two.

Absolutely nothing happening outside, except I am having to occasionally water when they get a bit dried out.  What a warm crazy early spring.  I’m planning on putting my early garden plants in two weekends from now, April 17-18.  Between now and then will be Easter celebrations, Master Gardener activities, and learning my new job.  So yeah, I’ll be keeping busy.

I am also reading about 4 different library books right now — I am inundated.  I put too many requests in at the same time.  I already know I’m not going to be able to write up full reviews of each book, but I will at least do some mini-reviews in the next couple of weeks.

Other upcoming stuff:

– Adam’s gone crazy making salad dressing.  His ranch dressing was so good I secretly licked the container in my cubicle, glancing over my shoulder the whole time.

– We’re also in the middle of a wee home improvement project that involves taping, mudding, light installation, and upholstery.  Pictures to come!

– The weekend that we put in our garden, we’re also going to put a trellis together, so we’ll see how that goes.

– Adam also has a really cool vintage 3-speed cruiser project in progress for me.  Of all the hobbies he’s ever undertaken (and there have been MANY), I think this whole “building bikes” one is my favorite.

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