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Whole milk, the whole foods milk

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Cynthia Lair’s got another great post over at Cookus Interruptus, this time about the sacred cow of American so-called health food:

“…when you eat a food that is not whole, you will crave the missing parts.  In my 25 years of working with food, nutrition and people, I continually find this to be accurate.  When you drink skim milk, your body will likely go looking for the missing nutrients.  And that doesn’t just mean the fat.  Fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K have no way to shimmy into the system without the fat buddies.  But there’s more.”

Read the whole thing here.

One thought on “Whole milk, the whole foods milk

  1. I find it a bit far-fetched to think that our body will go after the nutrients missing in some foods & drinks, like skim milk. I get that in the processing of food, often they get stripped of vitamins and many of them are fat-soluable, which means they will metabolize in fat. However the notion of our bodies searching for missing nutrients in foods seems quite overstated. Instead, I think our cravings can sometimes be our bodies searching for certain nutrients.

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