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Master Gardener class started

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My Master Gardener class started this week!  It’s so fun to be on campus.  One of the many things I learned about this week was the extent of public information on the University of Minnesota’s Extension website.  The website has a ton of information, but it is not super easy to use (they are redesigning it this year).  Here are my favorite parts:

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series
This is an exhaustive resource of information about the best ways to maintain your urban landscape.  It has everything from dividing perennials to lawn care to a tool that helps you decide the best plant for each spot.  The goal here is education in order to help people take care of their yards and gardens, with an eye toward greater sustainability.  It might be easiest to start with the list of available topics on the site.

Diagnostic tools
These are really easy-to-use little microsites that lead you through a series of questions to determine, among other things:
Is this plant a weed?
What insect is this?
What’s wrong with my plant?

The Gardening Info website is full of good, research-based information.  I’ve added some links to the right side of the page so that, when gardening season rolls around, they’ll be right there for us both to use.

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