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Dog bone broth

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So, Adam was chattin’ it up with one of the meat department employees at the co-op tonight, and he asked whether they sold soup bones. The guy said, “Yeah, we do… it’s just that we don’t label them as soup bones.” It’s a sign of the times:

Adam got 1 1/2 lbs of soup bones for an insanely cheap price.  The guy assured him that this is from the very same high-quality animals the co-op cuts up for meat.  It’s just that there’s a market for dog bones, not so much for soup bones.  So we’re going to cook these all night long in the crock pot and then make an ultra-nutritious bone broth-based soup tomorrow.  I’m not going to tell my dog or my mom about this one.

Also: check out my new recipes section!  I’m compiling all my recipes on one handy reference page, right here.

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