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Darning socks.

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Well, it’s now come to darning socks.  I’ve been throwing every pair of socks that develops a hole onto a big pile in the basement.  Now I want to wear them, especially the wool ones.  Sandal season is over.  I need socks!


I have no idea if I did this right or not.  Needle, thread, and sewed up the hole nice and tight.  That’s it.  I wore a pair to work today and they were perfectly comfortable.  I feel kinda weird writing about it, but this is not something I ever would have done until money became so tight.


Only one thing to note: watching a foreign film and sewing simultaneously doesn’t really work.  Anyway, there you go Christina, finally something to tag with “sewing.”

One thought on “Darning socks.

  1. i really feel like sewing skills come in handy particularly around halloween time, especially for you since you have small children. just sayin’.

    i applaud your darning efforts.

    and yeah crafting or any kind and foreign films do not mix.

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