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Fall happenings

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Couple of random things going on today.  First:


Adam made a very local pie: he used raspberries and apples right from our yard (via the freezer for several weeks).  It is with great sadness that I report we have now eaten all of our frozen raspberries.  And it’s only Oct. 24.  It’s going to be a long time until July.  It was still a pretty great run though.   I’ve never eaten that many raspberries in my life.



My mother-in-law found a really great deal on pumpkins near their hometown in central Minnesota and picked us up two giant jack-o-lanterns and 5 really nice little pie pumpkins.  So I’m following the advice from the Root Cellaring book and storing them in a cool, dry place.  We have a spare bedroom that is just a storage area right now, so we don’t heat it in the winter.  It stays about 50-60 in there, so it should be perfect.  Not that those jack-o-lanterns need to last long, anyway.

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