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Well, necessity has bred even more creativity around here. Adam has spent most evenings the past couple months teaching himself how to put bikes together. My 1980 Schwinn Worldsport keeps breaking down in one way or another, so he’s been slowly replacing components on that while at the same time building me a new single speed with an old Gitane frame that my friend CJ found in the trash:

bike1It’s so cool!  I can’t wait to ride it.  He just has a couple of things left.  He did some part swapping between his Peugeot, my Schwinn, and the Gitane, and ended up getting new chains for all three bikes, but got away with only 1 new wheelset.  He’s been getting a lot of vintage/gently used parts from eBay.  Here’s his Peugeot:

bike2And just so my old faithful Schwinn doesn’t feel left out, here’s a pic of it:

bike3That handlebar tape is relatively new, as is the rear wheel and the brakes.  I absolutely love cork handlebar tape; it’s very cushy and comfy.  I can’t wait to have two functional bikes!  Just in time for winter.  😦

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