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Another rain barrel platform option

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A little over a month ago, we installed a new rain barrel on the SW corner of our house.  We’ve had one on the SE corner for a few years, but we had never gotten around to building a platform for it.  Adam was doing some backyard cleanup today and decided to make a platform out of some old cedar 4×4’s that have been laying around for years.  The design is slightly different than the one we built in August:

rainbarrel1It’s much more free-form.  Adam cut 12 22-inch long pieces and stacked them as you see here.


There are four landscaping bricks underneath the bottom two pieces of wood.  He made sure the stack was very level and sturdy before setting the rain barrel on it:


Rain barrels are so much nicer to use when they are raised up like this.  They can power soaker hoses, and it’s also just a lot easier to get every last precious drop of water out of them, even if you’re just filling watering cans.

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