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CSA Week 15

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Seriously, how can there only be 3 weeks left of CSA?


Today’s CSA box, before we split it with our neighbors, contained:

1 head green leaf lettuce
1 napa cabbage (seriously, the biggest one I’ve ever seen.  Freakin’ huge)
5 apples
1 super cute Yellow Doll watermelon
9 beautiful tomatoes, various kinds
2 eggplants
1 head “cheddar” cauliflower
3 kohlrabis
1 little box of raspberries
2 red onions

We had the eggplant and half the napa cabbage in a stir-fry for supper.  Good stuff.  But there is so much cabbage that I think we might have to make another batch of kimchi, even though we also have two batches of sour kraut going right now.

Standard CSA info:

What is a CSA?
Where do we get our CSA from? Food 4 Thought.
See all of my CSA posts

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