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What to do with celeriac?

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We got celeriac in our CSA last week.  It’s a kind of celery, but it’s grown as a root vegetable (from Wikipedia).  I’d never had it before.  Here’s what it looked like, raw:

celeriac2You can use the root just as you’d use any root vegetable, and the leaves can be used like parsley.  Adam cut up the root, and mixed it together with some cut up potatoes, then put them in a foil packet with some butter on the grill for 30 minutes over med-low heat.  Here’s how it came out:

celeriac1You can see the pieces of celeriac, they are more square, with yellowy edges, whereas the potatoes have round edges.  He also put in some red onions.  The verdict:  absolutely delicious.  I am going to add this to my garden wish-list for 2010 and I’ll do some investigating on how to grow it.

It sort of has the taste and texture of a celery-infused potato, but it’s creamier than a potato.  It’s not terribly unlike the flavor of parsnips, actually, but it’s more delicate.

Later in the week we used the leaves in a soup.  Also very good.

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