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Out of control radish

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I saw this flower sticking out above the canopy of my tomato jungle yesterday.


Thinking it was a weed, I started pulling on it, and kept pulling, and pulled out a 5 foot tall radish!

radish2That thing was huge.  I had forgotten about the couple of radish seeds that I planted next to my tomatoes in May.  I’d read a book about companion planting that mentioned that radishes repel a certain bug that eats tomatoes (don’t remember which bug now).  Anyway, who knew radishes could get that big?!

We’re also getting quite a haul now from the aforementioned tomato jungle:


Sensing impending doom, the plants are putting everything they’ve got into fruiting.  I’m trying to pick the tomatoes before they are fully ripe because if I let them get too ripe the squirrels get them.  That misfit purple one in the upper left corner is from last week’s CSA, but it’s going to go into the same batch of salsa as these.  Hopefully will get to that tomorrow night.

One thought on “Out of control radish

  1. I’m sorry for another seeming drive-by comment. I do actually read every post; I just comment much less frequently. 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to say: we had this riotous mess of radish greens grow this year, which we eventually got tired of and just ripped out. But one thing we’d forgotten is that, when you let radishes grow, you get these tiny green pods (which I guess are the seeds?) that have a really fresh, sharp taste to them. In Panjabi they’re called ‘moongra’ but I have no idea what the English word for them is. Anyway, chopped up and cooked with chunks of potato, they was delicious, and almost tasted like fenugreek greens. More to the point, it was just one of those neat garden surprises: something you didn’t even know was coming turns out to be one of the most enjoyable things of the season.

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