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CSA Week 14

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Today’s full-share CSA box included:

1 head Romanesco broccoli (they look like little christmas trees!)
1 bag of salad mix
1 bag of grapes
7 or 8 parsnips
3 gorgeous heirloom tomatoes of unknown variety
5 heirloom roma tomatoes
2 bell peppers
Sweet corn (enough for two meals)
2 heads kohlrabi
1 bunch French breakfast radishes
4 zucchinis

I couldn’t care less about the zucchinis, but everything else in the box was quite nice indeed.  The radishes must be from a second, later planting.  It’s been sufficiently long now since my radish-eating marathon of early June that I’m excited to eat them again.

I’m curious to see what the parsnips taste like.  I always wait until after the frost to pick mine, since the freezing makes them sweeter.  I don’t expect these to be bitter though, just maybe not quite as sweet.

Standard CSA info:
What is a CSA?
Where do we get our CSA from? Food 4 Thought.
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