Stacking Functions Garden


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Here’s what’s been going on around here:

braidedgarlicMy very first, completely lame-o attempt at braiding garlic.

apeckofpeppersWe had a decent picking of banana peppers (yellow) anaheim peppers (green) and our crazy little yellow cucumbers, which are delicious by the way.

pickledproduceWe made some brine dill pickles and used this recipe for fermented banana peppers.  We tasted them tonight and they are almost there already!  The whey really does speed things up (but is not a required ingredient, fyi).

liverFinally, Adam’s cooking challenge for the week: LIVER!  Look how cheap it was!  And it’s super good for you!  Is there any way to make it taste good?  I don’t know that I’ve actually ever had it.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough… Any good liver recipes out there?

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