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CSA Week 7

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These boxes of produce get more exciting every week!  Not that I minded that much when it was 8 different kinds of leafy greens, but variety definitely is the spice of life.  Today’s box, before splitting:

2 bunches carrots
1 little container gooseberries (they look and taste a bit like red grapes)
1 big bunch of fresh oregano
Quite a few zucchini (7?  8? I forgot to count)
6-7 potatoes
1 bunch red beets
2 heads green leaf lettuce
1 bag mixed salad greens with pretty nasturtium blossoms in it
3 cucumbers

I gave most of the zucchini to my neighbors because we have quite a bit in our garden as well.  I may have to hunt down my grandma’s chocolate zucchini cake recipe.  Anyway the salad green mix is already down the hatch.

Standard CSA info:
What is a CSA?
Where do we get our CSA from? Food 4 Thought.
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