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Garden update, animated

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These animated garden gifs are getting HUGE, but they are still kinda fun, so here goes.

beans071809The green beans aren’t changing much anymore at this point.  We are harvesting beans every 2-3 days.  We aren’t getting as huge a crop as I hoped; last year we had beans coming out of our ears.  I think we may have planted more than 2 rows last year though.  Can’t quite remember (and didn’t document it as well).

peas071809The peas are now done, and the pole beans are taking over.  This is not a sufficiently tall structure for pole beans.  I hope they can hold out until my bush beans are done and then I will move those little stick teepees over and try and train the pole beans onto those.

brussels071809Adam  broke the bottom leaves off the brussels sprouts plants to encourage them to develop some “sprouts.”  I think it is working.  The sprouts are looking slightly bigger now.  All the lettuce that I planted in the middle there bolted, so we never ate any of it.  There are some tiny scallions in there, not sure if they are ever going to get enough sun to go anywhere.  The brussels got too big for any of the “companions” to really do much other than keep the brussels company.

lettucepeppers71809Lettuce/Peppers: Adam pulled out all the bolted lettuce and a couple days ago I planted two rows of kale in its place, one on each side of the peppers.  We ate one of our anaheim peppers last week, yummy!

radishesparsnips071809Not much to see here; parsnips are coming along nicely but we are still months from harvest on those.

Click to enlarge this one of the tomatoes. I gave up on my tomato animations. Next year I need to mark a spot with an X or something to stand on when I take pictures.

Here are two more that can also be enlarged:

garden from west

Above, the garden as viewed from the west (back yard, on deck).  Below, the garden as viewed from the east (front yard).

garden from east

Here you can see my little strawberry/asparagus area with the huge hollyhocks that will have to be moved next year.  Seriously they are 12 feet tall!  My corn is standing back up but that’s only because Adam staked it.  OK, gotta go; starting a double batch of kimchi during today’s kid nap time.

One thought on “Garden update, animated

  1. wow looks great!! love the animations!

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