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Farm animal antibiotics: soon to be banned?!

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OH WOW, people, WOW!  It looks like Obama might step up and make some real changes after all!

“The Obama administration announced Monday that it would seek to ban many routine uses of antibiotics in farm animals in hopes of reducing the spread of dangerous bacteria in humans.”

It’s easy to imagine why the factory farm lobby is so opposed to this measure (and they are so powerful that this may not pass).  If you can’t pump your animals full of antibiotics, it gets harder to maintain them in the crowded conditions found on today’s CAFOs.  Could this have a ripple effect, or will they work in some sort of loophole where they can still give certain types of antibiotics?

Maybe it’s time to send my new senator an e-mail. Oops, I guess this is just in the House right now, so I sent Keith Ellison (he’s the Rep for my district) an e-mail instead.  You can find the Star Tribune article  here.

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