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Today we went “up north” to my husband’s parents’ house.  My mother-in-law is an avid gardener and she had a rather large patch of strawberries that she wanted to thin out.  Yay!  I was hoping to get some strawberry plants in this year yet.  It doesn’t get much better than free:

gradientgardenergirlHere I am digging them up. (And seriously look how big her onions are.  I am totally jealous, though I got to take some of those home, too.)

strawberryflatWe packed up a flat and brought them home and planted them in my failed-rhubarb spot from earlier this spring.  I like strawberries better than rhubarb anyway.

strawberriesplantedI am always doing this work in half-light which really impedes my photography, but oh well you get the point.  This is the east side of the garden, at the front of the house (SE corner).  My plan for this spot is asparagus along the back, then a little walking path (yet to be installed) and then strawberries in front.  As you can see I have an unplanned hollyhock.  A HUGE unplanned hollyhock.  I planted it from seed last year and it never really did anything so I had counted it as a loss.

I love hollyhocks but this is a little bit too big; I don’t want it interfering with my asparagus.  Next year I will divide it and keep a smaller version here and move the rest…. somewhere else.

I leave you with a sweet picture of my son Rowan picking (and eating) strawberries from his grandma’s strawberry patch:

rowanstrawberrypickerComing later this week: homemade kimchi!

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