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Ginger beer: FAIL

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You win some; you lose some.  Our ginger beer recipe resulted in vat of very delicious-smelling but decidedly not delicious-looking ginger beer:


Yes, that’s mold.  So this was a good $5 worth of ginger and sugar, down the drain (well, into the compost pile, anyway).  I am not going to give up though; if I can get this recipe right it would provide us with a really yummy beverage that costs considerably less to make than to buy.  The ginger brews we’ve bought at the CO-OP in the past (the long past, before we had kids) were $6-$7 for a 6-pack of bottles.  This would have given us 2 gallons, for around $5 worth of supplies.

Fortunately my friend Tracey is taking a fermented foods class around the end of June where she will be learning more about ginger beer; I’m hoping she gets a better recipe than the one that we used (we used the one featured in Nourishing Traditions).  Tracey, I hope you’ll share that recipe along with any tips and tricks you find out in your class.

One thought on “Ginger beer: FAIL

  1. We are leaving at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning to venture back in time to Viroqua, Wisconsin to learn a bit about fermenting on someones real live functioning farm. The class is from 9-12:30 and I want the time to go really slooooooooow while we are there so we can absorb all the sweet properties of this cool foodstuff. I will try to bring back as many secrets as I can so we can ferment anything that gets in our way. xxoo, Trace

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