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Garden update, now with animation!

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I try to keep my inner nerd at bay, but I love good old-fashioned animated gifs.  So today we present an animated garden update.

Guild #1: Beans & garlic (when the beans are done I will plant kale in their spot)


Guild #2: peas and pole beans (since only a handful of the peas came up, I threw some pole beans in there too)


Guild #3: Brussels sprouts (interplanted with a couple handfuls of green onions and dill) & lettuce


Guild #4: Lettuce & peppers


Guild #5: Radishes/parsnips.  This one is the strangest to look at because we ate most of our radishes in the past couple of weeks.  The small plants that are just coming in are the parsnips.  Parsnip seeds take forever to germinate.  There are also quite a few onions to the left right along the fence (you can sorta make out a little row in the more recent pic).


You all will have to wait (with baited breath I’m sure) for my tomato animation because I took today’s picture from the wrong angle and now it’s dark outside so too late to re-shoot.  And tomorrow my twins turn 2 (TWO!) so there won’t be any posting tomorrow (many celebrations are planned).

But here are some other bonus pics.  First, my three sisters guild.  I have two of these, on either side of the window wells in the very back of the garden:

3sisters060809This is the one behind the brussels sprouts.  Corn/beans to the right, zucchini to the left.  Yes, the zucchini is the plant that looks so lush and healthy.  A moron could grow zucchini.  I may regret planting two hills…

Now for some fennel:


I planted them in with my rose bush and some other perennial plants.  One shows signs of rabbit breakfasting, but otherwise all five or so of them are looking great.  I planted some more in another area of the perennial garden; we’ll see what the rabbits get.  I guess I’m using 2009 as a test year to see what they really have a taste for, because I put all sorts of herbs around in the open in my flower gardens: thyme, basil, cilantro, fennel, parsley, and oregano.

Here’s my parsley, happily sheltering under a dogwood:


So there it is, garden update for early June.  It’s going great so far!  I did a major weed-pull session today so I’m feeling pretty zen right now.  We also got a ton of much-needed rain this weekend so I shouldn’t have to water until next weekend at the earliest (esp. now that everything’s sprouted).

One thought on “Garden update, now with animation!

  1. Wow! I love the animations.

    My fennel is super slow this year. I directly seeded is in my raised beds. Last year, I started it indoors and grew like crazy after I transplanted it. My kale is also taking its sweet time.

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