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Recipe: Strawberry popsicles

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You might notice a running theme here as I add more recipes:  I absolutely love sweets.  And it looks like the kids are taking after me.  So, attempting to make healthy versions of dessert is a major occupation of my mind.  Adam came through today with these awesome homemade popsicles:

Strawberry Popsicles
2 c. fresh or frozen strawberries (about one bag of frozen, thawed out)
1 ripe banana
3/4 c. coconut milk (half a can)
1/4 c. agave nectar

Mix everything together in a blender or food processor and pour into 12 popsicle molds, depending on the size of your popsicle molds.  Ours are from Ikea and they are pretty small.  Freeze.

You could substitute pretty much any fruit you like, and you could also use sugar or honey instead of agave nectar.  We are trying out agave nectar as part of our ongoing efforts to cut back on sugar.  And what did our toughest critics think of this frozen concoction?


Happy campers all around!

One thought on “Recipe: Strawberry popsicles

  1. Sounds really delicious .. Laila ..

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