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My garden is now completely planted for 2009.  I will still plant a couple of things for later harvest after my peas are done, such as some onions, kale, and maybe a couple more herbs.

Today we started our “3 sisters” guilds — we planted the corn and zucchini but will wait to plant the beans until the corn has sprouted.  You want the corn to be just a little ahead of the beans so that the beans have something to climb on.

We also put in our green (bush) beans, our tomatoes, and a second row of parsnips/radishes.  I staggered my radish planting so that we won’t have to eat all of them at the same time.

Here’s our garden right now (click to enlarge):

The row on the very left is the radishes, then you can see two sorta rows of lettuce, then my brussel sprout area.  The 3 sisters got planted in between and to the left of the window wells; we kinda followed the planting instructions from Renee’s Garden.  The tomatoes aren’t in the picture, but they are planted on the other side of our chain link fence next to the deck.

It feels really good to be done, and it also feels like a really long time before we’re going to get to eat any of this stuff.  My best guess is that maybe we’ll have some radishes and baby lettuces in 2 weeks.

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