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I’ve been rather lazy about posting lately; my beloved Grandma died (at the age of 102) and then we had our usual holiday marathon with Easter.  This is all I’m going to say about that:  when you are used to a mostly plant-based diet, going back to a solid meat & potatoes (and we’re talking industrial, Sam’s Club meat & potatoes, Minnesota-style)… well let’s just say there are gastrointestinal consequences of going back to that for two days.

But I’m back on the whole foods, and feeling better, just in time to find this awesome illustration (via

How to make the right choices to reduce your water footprint

Feeling righteous about my everyday meat choices but having a bit of cognitive dissonance about my morning and afternoon coffee.

One thought on “making it easy

  1. Love it My Dear !!! This is…Spot On (as Jim would say) to what we need as the new “economy”. If time is money, it surely should be “spent” on the things that matter, and matter, and matter, for the long run. Of course all this mattering is called sustainability and without it our poor mother Earth will drowned under our weight instead of flourishing under our compost. Love you, Love this. I’ve already put Sam onto you in the blogosphere. Trace xxoo

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