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Food Myths, debunked

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The NY Times had a great blog post about Food Myths today.

Among the Myths Debunked:
1. Fruit juice is not actually a health food (pick your jaw up from the floor, people)

2. The “Kosher” label on meat is not necessarily an indicator of higher quality

3. Everyone knows that vibrantly-colored vegetables tend to be the most healthy (i.e. spinach is better than iceberg lettuce), however, there are some notable exceptions. Some pale veggies that are still nutritional powerhouses: white cabbage, white beans, celery, and cauliflower. Not a real shocker to me, but I guess it makes sense.

4. This one was like an arrow straight into my foodie heart: apparently much of the grass-fed beef that we have come to love comes from South America, where pastureland is fast replacing rainforest. Happily there is an easy way around this: eat less beef altogether, and choose only locally-grown grass-fed when you do.

5. Arugula is not as fancy as you might think: it grows wild as a weed in Mediterranean countries

Read the entire article for yourself here.

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